The operation of the association is outlined within the community documents, Florida Statutes and fiscally defined within the association's annual estimated operating budget. The management of your association is being administered by a management company per a contractual agreement with the association.

The roles and responsibilities of the association include:


The association must adhere to its rules and regulations. In order to maintain compliance, periodic community inspections are conducted. Regular inspections are not only for use restriction compliance, but also for architectural compliance.

A Board appointed Architectural Review Committee assists with ensuring that home and lot modifications are in keeping with the rules, regulations and community aesthetics. These actions help keep your community standards at their highest levels.

Common Area Appearance, Maintenance and Function:

The association must adhere to the maintenance responsibilities outlined in the community documents and common property dedications. These common area items may consist of ponds, roads, street lights, gates and landscaped areas, and are fully outlined within the association's budget. The management company supervises the maintenance of these areas to ensure proper maintenance and functionality is occurring.

Financial Requirements:

As a not-for-profit corporation, the association must manage its financial affairs and reporting requirements pursuant to the community documents, Florida Statutes, and in accordance with acceptable accounting methods relative to standard business practices. The first and most important item required by your association is an operating budget.

This operating budget is prepared annually and must be adopted prior to year's end for the next calendar year. This budget outlines all expenses necessary to operate your association on a daily basis. The budget may also include reserve items for future expenses such as gate replacement. Once the budget is prepared and adopted by your Board of Directors, the association levies the approved assessments. The manner for the collection of these assessments is outlined in your community documents as well as the remedies for non-payment of the assessments.

The management company prepares monthly financial statements for use by the Board, and handles association accounting functions. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, income and expense reports as well as a reserve reporting is outlined for the Board so they may effectively manage and maintain your association.

Community Governance:

The association is governed by a Board of Directors who is elected by the membership. Your Board of Directors holds board meetings as well as membership meetings when needed and/or if required. The meetings are open to the association membership.

The Board of Directors is the decision makers and policy makers for the association. Additionally, they direct the management company as necessary. The meeting minutes contain the actions of the Board, and along with other records of the association, are available to any association member.